streda 12. septembra 2012

The Woman in Black

I don't like horror films. The first reason is, that I don't like to be afraid and the second reason is, that they are scary very violently. There is nothing scary about the plot, it's the way that it's made that is scary. When I first heard about The Woman in Black, I thought it's not gonna be something for me. But when I saw the trailer, I knew I need to see it. It was just wonderful. I couldn't wait for the moment I'll see it. But why then I've seen it just three days before? Just because I don't like horrors.
But this time I really enjoyed it. The screenplay is not any excellent, that's true. But almost everything else in this film works perfectly. In the next few minutes I'm going to describe all of them, that are mention-worthy.
The directing. James Watkins is saving everything bad in the script. The atmosphere is really nail-biting and I felt like every moment that was happening to Daniel Radcliffe was happening even to me. Watkins gained my attention from the first scene with the three girls, that is just very powerful. And there are few scenes in the film that will be unforgettable for me. There are some moments, when nothing frightening happens, but I was afraid. The atmosphere is just so good, that you are afraid even without a reason.
Cinematography. This doesn't happen very often, but in this time the cinematography has a huge credit on the atmosphere. I was crazy about the detail shots upon Radcliffe's face in the most thrilling moments. Some people would not believe, how important the cinematography is. This time it was not even helpful for the film, but even very poetic and beautiful.
Art direction and Costume design. I decided to put those things together, because they wonderfully make-up each other. The first fact is, that they are period. The period costumes and production design have it easier, because they get your interest easily. They are really beautiful to watch and the art direction is (especially in the house, where the most of the film takes place in) very claustrophobic.
Also the makeup should be mentioned. It is very decent and fine. Great for the period of the film and just as it should be.
The editing is really great. Especially in the scary moments it's helping to keep the thrilling atmosphere. It's hard to talk about the editing, because you need to see it to understand what I'm talking about.
The score. It was super! It's so helpful to the film, that you hardly notice it in the film. You just feel the chills and if you think about it after watching the film, you realize, that it was also because of the score. If you don't have a chance to watch The Woman in black, at least listen to its soundtrack.
The performances. Daniel Radcliffe is on the screen almost all the time. I thought he's not gonna be able to succeed in this kind of role, but he was really good. He was just as the film wanted him to be and it works very well. There is also Ciarán Hinds that should be mentioned. He gave a great supporting performance and though many actors would be completely unnoticeable. But Hinds rather uses every moment given to him. he was probably the best in show. And you to not say that I forgot Janet McTeer, I'm going to say a few words about her, but I didn't found her somehow special. She was overacting many times and her character was not interesting for me. Not just because of the screenplay, but even because of her portrayal.

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