piatok 28. decembra 2012

Please give a costume nomination to Rock of Ages and Men in Black III!

Though I still haven't seen some major contenders (Les Misérables, The Master, Django Unchained,...), I've been thinking about how crowded and strong this year is. You know, it's nothing special that some categories are really strong some years, but this year we can say it about all of them. I will have an extremely hard time to choose five for each category.

Yet, without seeing all of the films I'm planning on to, it would be really difficult for me to choose five nominees for best costume design. When I think of all of the costumes in all of the films I've seen, I would like to nominate all of them. Not just the showy, probable and already predicted ones like Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror, or The Hobbit. Not even the showy ones, which are not so much predicted like Dark Shadows, Cloud Atlas, or The Woman in Black. I mean the ones, who are not so showy and therefore they are not predicted. But they are wonderful!

I mean those beautiful normal costumes, which greatly fit to the context of the film and aren't so extravagant, that it will disturb your attention to the film's story. In my opinion, that's the thing The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should reward. Moonrise Kingdom, Lawless, The Dark Knight Rises, but especially Men in Black III and Rock of Ages. Their costume work is so great and nobody's talking about them regarding to their potential nominees. And that's sad, because if no one gives them a nod, it won't have it and it won't be nominated. It's very rare to nominate Midnight in Paris's art direction.

I just don't know, what I'll do. Even if I think about the films I haven't seen yet. Anna Karenina, Les Misérables, Django Unchained, A Royal Affair, Hitchcock. They all would fill the category and I still haven't seen them.

I know these above-mentioned films have no chance to be nominated. It would just make me extremely happy. Please, the Academy, think about it. At least nominate one of them. Or nominate them for Costume Designers Guild Awards, where there is more space. Please...

štvrtok 27. decembra 2012

The Change of the blog

As you may have already noticed, I haven't been posting (m)any new articles. It's not because I haven't seen any films from 2012, I just didn't have the spirits to write a review about them. So I decided to just make some random thoughts about the Oscars and my own Moviefilm Awards (whose nominees I'll announce at the end of January). So let's start and I hope you'll enjoy that.

While I was watching Rock of Ages today, I've been thinking about making a new category for my Moviefilm Awards. The biggest chameleon of the year. Last year it would go to Jessica Chastain for her great work in so many films. And if I decide to have this category, there will certainly be enough actors to consider. Just now I can think of five, which would fulfill the category:
Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln, Hope Springs, Men in Black III)
John Goodman (Argo, Flight, Trouble with the Curve)
Matthew McConaughey (Magic Mike, The Paperboy, Bernie)
Jospeh Gordon-Levitt (Lincoln, The Dark Knight Rises, Looper)
Helena Bonham Carter (Les Misérables, Great Expectations, Dark Shadows)

I think this year's biggest, or most successful chameleon of this year so far would be John Goodman. Very solid performances. So, in comments you can discuss, if you want me to include this category in Moviefilm Awards. It'll help me to decide. Thank you...

nedeľa 2. decembra 2012

Mirror Mirror

There is always a year, when we have two similar films, so called twin films. Just think about The-Illusionist-and-The-Prestige year, or Saving-Private-Ryan-and-The-Thin-Red-Line year. This year those twin films are Mirror Mirror and The Snow White and the Huntsman. The second one I didn't have a chance to see yet, but the first one's review is here.
I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much from Mirror Mirror. I just thought it's gonna be bad and I won't like it, at all. The bigger the film surprised me, while I was watching it. Unexpectedly, it was a very fine fairytale and I really enjoyed it. I have seen much better films from this genre, but I just can't deny that Mirror Mirror has something you just can't resist.
It's not even the story that makes it so likable. It's mostly the directing. Tarsem Singh did a really great job. I can't remember of any this-genre film from recent past that was so well directed. The only blame I have is to the song I believe (in love) that appears in the end of the film. The song itself is very good and nice, but it doesn't absolutely fit into the context of the entire film. It is so disturbing that I can't forgive it easily.
Another person, that makes this film so nice is Julia Roberts. Her performance is funny and very charming and she is the maker of the atmosphere. Though overacting sometimes, her performance is very fine...
The two best thing in the film are the art direction and costume design. I can't even describe it. The costume design is an object of art itself. It's all very colorful and original and it's very enjoyable to watch, just like the art direction.
A makeup is also mention-worthy, because some creations were really well done.
There are not very much visual effects in the film, but they are also very fine a should be mentioned...