sobota 8. septembra 2012

My new blog

Hi there! This is my new blog.
Don't worry, my old blog is gonna go on, I'm just planning on to work on this blog while the award's season is on. And the time it's over (it's after the Oscars), I'll work on the old blog and rank the nominated performances.
So, what is this blog gonna be about? I'm going to watch as many films released in 2012, as possible and write my reviews here. And in the end of the season, I'm gonna put down my own nominations in these categories:

best film
best directing
best original screenplay
best adapted screenplay
best actor in a leading role
best actress in a leading role
best actor in a supporting role
best actress in a supporting role
best animated film
best cinematography
best art direction
best costume design
best makeup and hair
best sound mixing
best sound editing
best film editing
best original score
best original song
best visual effects
best cast
best cameo
best trailer
best title

In the near future I'm gonna publish the rules and then publish my first review (of Dark Shadows). Hope, you'll enjoy this blog... :)

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